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The Same but Different: How Twins Can Live, Love, and Learn to Be Individuals  
By Joan A. Friedman.  Rocky Pines Press.

The Same but Different offers insights on and solutions to the challenges that arise when young adult twins are expected to be independent, self-assured "singletons" after having been raised as twins.Written for twins, their families, and significant others, this book- Instructs twins how to have an honest, authentic relationship- Explains why twins may feel disappointed about friendships that don't match the twin connection- Teaches twins how to work through their guilt about wanting more space - Discusses why some twins are afraid they might never love anyone else as much as they love their twin- Reveals how influential twin connections are in choosing a spouse, a profession, and a place to live- Offers tips and strategies to navigate the issues of separation, individuality, and codependence- Provides insight and understanding to families and significant others coping with twin struggles .

Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World  
By Raun K. Kaufman.  St. Martin's Press.

As a boy, Raun K. Kaufman was diagnosed by multiple experts as severely autistic, with an IQ below 30, and destined to spend his life in an institution. Years later, Raun graduated with a degree in Biomedical Ethics from Brown University and has become a passionate and articulate spokesperson for the autism community with no trace of his former condition.Thanks to The Son-Rise Program, an incredible program his parents created, Raun experienced a full recovery from autism. In Autism Breakthrough, Kaufman presents the ground-breaking principles behind the program that helped him, and thousands of other families with special children. Kaufman explains that autism is frequently misunderstood as a behavioral disorder when in fact it is a social relational disorder.


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