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Vermonia #5: The Warriors' Trial

As the epic manga series continues, the threat to the Turtle Realm grows--and the warriors must show courage and wisdom far beyond their years.In part five of the Vermonia series, Mel continues her double life imprisoned within the castle of Acidulous, but now she is not alone: Satorin has been lured there by the beautiful and seductive squelp Satoran. Although Mel's powers are growing, will they be enough to free her and Satorin from Uro's evertightening trap? Meanwhile, Doug, Jim, and Naomi must confront monsters of their own making that rise from Xandan Lake's waters, illusory demons embodying their greatest fears and hopes. As Xandan Island collapses around them, they risk perishing along with Irenu, Butabo, and half the army of the Turtle Realm.   

The Clumsiest Cowboy: A Lesson in Showing Compassion (VeggieTales (Big Idea))

Everyone in town knows that Cowboy Larry is the clumsiest cowboy in the west. And when he s down, they couldn t care less. Tag along as Cowboy Larry shows those careless cowpokes how to be Compassionate Cowboys. Author: Doug Peterson Format: 27 pages, hardcover Ages: 4-8 Publisher: Big Idea ISBN: 9781605872629   

The Fairy Ball (Bella)

While exploring the world outside of her burrow, Bella, the bunny meets a fairy. The fairy shrinks Bella down to "fairy-size" and invites Bella to the Fairy Ball in Fairyland. Just when it seems as though the day couldn't be more magical the Fairy Queen arrives with an exciting gift just for Bella!Bella is a little rabbit with big dreams! Glitter accents sparkle on the cover of this engaging book.   

We Love Our School!: A Read-Together Rebus Story

This picture book about the first day of school, featuring a frog, a duck, a mouse, and a snail, combines a story in rhyme with colorful graphic rebuses, making it a fun book for parent and child to share in the reading. Children about to enter kindergarten or first grade who long to be able to read will get a sense of accomplishment by "reading" the little rebus pictures in the story. Judy Sierra, author of Wild About Books, uses bouncy rhyme and rhythm as cues for the child to name the pictogram rebuses. Preschoolers will enjoy following the animals and their teacher, Tom Burkey (who is a turkey), through a happy first day of school.   

No Hitting!: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Books)

With the help of this book, toddlers will love learning to say NO to hitting?and screaming and squeezing and yelling?and YES to fun! Refreshingly honest and all too true, this funny book is perfect for toddlers, and parents will find it a painless way to steer their little ones toward, shall we say, more acceptable behavior!   

Caillou: No More Diapers

Written with input from child psychologists, the Hand-in-Hand series of books helps children navigate their way successfully through various key developmental experiences of childhood. Caillou is feeling very proud: he knows how to use the potty just like grown-ups and has graduated out of diapers, except for at night. Even though Caillou really wants to use the big toilet all the time, sometimes he’s just too sleepy to wake up. Daddy gives Caillou a step stool and a soft toilet seat to make it easier for him to use the big toilet. He understands how much Caillou would like to be out of diapers and that with time and patience, Caillou will succeed.   

The Lion and the Mice (I Like to Read)

Arresting combinations of color and shape, along with spare and dramatic text, distinguish this easy-to-read picture book by Rebecca Emberley and her Caldecott Award-wining collaborator and father, Ed Emberley.In this color-drenched interpretation of Aesop's fable, a mouse, in colorful attire suitable for a night on the town, finds herself trapped by a caged lion in the city zoo. The mouse begs to be released and promises to help the lion one day. The lion is skeptical but releases her nonetheless. Later that night, the mouse returns with mouse friends--as spiffily attired as she herself--and together they unlock the lion's cage and prove that "little mice can be big friends."    

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