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Queen of America  

By Luis Alberto Urrea.  Queen of America [Audio CD].

The remarkable heroine of The hummingbird's daughter returns in this epic novel of love and loss in a restless America. Teresita's passage will take her across the nation as she comes to terms with her place in a new world. She must finally ask herself the ultimate question: is a saint allowed to fall in love?

Whistling in the Dark  

By Lesley Kagen.  Whistling in the Dark [Audio CD].

Sally O'Malley made a promise to her daddy before he died. She swore she'd look after her sister Troo. Keep her safe. But like her granny always said, actions speak louder than words. Because during the summer of 1959, Sally and Troo soon find they are next on a murderer and molester's list.

The Gods of War  

By Paul Blake.  The Gods of War [Audio CD].

From the reviews of THE GATES OF ROME: 'If you liked Gladiator, you'll love Emperor' The Times 'A brilliant story -- I wish I'd written it. A novel of vivid characters, stunning action and unrelenting pace. It really is a terrific read.' Bernard Cornwell 'The great events and breathtaking brutality of the times are brought lavishly to life.' Guardian --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Why We Broke Up  

By Khristine Hvam.  Why We Broke Up [Audio CD].

From Barnes & Noble Min Green wants Ed Slaterton to understand why they broke up. So she writes a letter and sends a box of assorted objects symbolizing their roundabout road to heartbreak. Daniel Handler's novel captures the seemingly chance situations and temperamental differences that lead to breakups and Maira Kalman's playful drawings fit perfectly. — Benjamin Ruby School Library Journal Gr 9 Up—Min, short for Minerva, met Ed at her best friend Al's bitter 16 party. They dated, fell in love, and eventually broke up. To get on with her life, Min must dispose of her box of treasures—mementos of their relationship that she has kept since the night of that party.

Immortal Rider  

By Hilary Huber.  Immortal Rider [Audio CD].

When he is sent to Hell for stealing a kiss from Limos, an immortal beauty who is engaged to Satan, Arik Wagner uses all of his military training to survive demon torture and prove to Limos that they belong together.

Witch & Wizard: The Fire  

By Spencer Locke.  Witch & Wizard: The Fire [Audio CD].

Whit and Wisty Allgood have led the resistance against a totalitarian regime that has banned all forms of creativity and executed their parents, but even the growing strength of the siblings' magic has not been able to stop the evil dictator, and they must somehow prepare for an imminent showdown.

Other People's Children  

By Clare Higgins.  Other People's Children [Audio CD].

Josie is determined to overcome any difficulty in becoming a second wife and mother to the three children of the man whom she loves dearly. But, she soon discovers that she's no match for an angry, displaced mother who desperately wants to hang onto her children.

Not a Day Goes By  

By E. Lynn Harris.  Books on Tape.

He is a devilish and handsome ex-football player, now a rising sports agent at one of the hottest firms in the country. Irrepressible and dangerously alluring, John "Basil" Henderson has a history with women (and a few men). Basil is the consummate guy's guy: a commitment-phobe gadfly known for a double-edged magnetism that has the ability to thrill--and wound.

Come to Win - Business Leaders, Artists, Doctors, and Other Visionaries on How Sports Can Help You Top Your Profession (Unabridged Audio Cds)  

By Venus Williams.  Books on Tape.

"From multiple grand slam tennis champion and entrepreneur, Venus Williams, comes a book of wisdom -- in the tradition of Brian Kilmeade's THE GAMES DO COUNT and Denzel Washington's A HAND TO GUIDE ME -- on how the principles of competitive athletics translate into business success. Full of insight and knowledge from an A-list cast of politicians, CEOs and media figures, COME TO WIN is the book every aspiring professional should read"--  Read more...

The Secret History of the Mongol Queens: How the Daughters of Genghis Khan Rescued His Empire  

By Jack Weatherford.  Books on Tape.

A magnificently researched history of the ruling women of the Mongol Empire, this work reveals their struggle to preserve a nation that shaped the world.

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