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  • Scooby-Doo and the Runaway Robot

    Scooby-Doo and the Runaway Robot

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   James Gelsey
    Format:   Paperback
    Publisher:   Scholastic Paperbacks (2000, Nov 1st).
    Pages:   64

    Scooby and his friends are ready to shop till they drop! Fred, Daphne, and Velma are sniffin' for birthday gifts for Shaggy at Howard's Department Store. But--ruh-roh--there's a burglar at large inside the store! All the clues point to a new security robot with a few bolts loose. Can Scooby-Doo solve the mystery of this mechanical menace--before it strikes again? more

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  • Hyde


    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Daniel Levine
    Publisher:   Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (2014, Mar 18th).

    What happens when a villain becomes a hero?Mr. Hyde is trapped, locked in Dr. Jekyll’s surgical cabinet, counting the hours until his inevitable capture. As four days pass, he has the chance, finally, to tell his story—the story of his brief, marvelous life.Summoned to life by strange potions, Hyde knows not when or how long he will have control of “the body.” When dormant, he watches Dr. Jekyll from a remove, conscious of this other, high-class life but without influence. As the experiment continues, their mutual existence is threatened, not only by the uncertainties of untested science, but also by a mysterious stalker. Hyde is being taunted—possibly framed. Girls have gone missing; someone has been killed. Who stands, watching, from the shadows? In the blur of this shared consciousness, can Hyde ever be confident these crimes were not committed by his hand?“You may think you know Dr. more

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  • Blackberry Pie Murder

    Blackberry Pie Murder

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Joanne Fluke
    Format:   Audio CD
    Publisher:   Recorded Books, LLC (2014, Feb 25th).

    A New York Times Bestselling Author Life is never really quiet for Hannah Swensen. Her mother's wedding is a month away and guess who's in charge of the planning? Yet just when her biggest challenge seems to be whether to use buttercream or fondant for the wedding cake, Hannah accidentally hits a stranger with her cookie truck on a winding country road in a raging storm. Hannah is wracked with guilt, but things get even worse when she's arrested . . . for murder! --This text refers to the Hardcover edition. more

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  • Flowers in the Attic

    Flowers in the Attic

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   V.C. Andrews
    Format:   Paperback
    Publisher:   Pocket (2005, Aug 2nd).
    Pages:   400

    A major Lifetime movie event—the novel that captured the world's imagination and earned V.C. Andrews a fiercely devoted fanbase. Book One of the Dollanganger Family series.At the top of the stairs there are four secrets hidden. Blond, beautiful, innocent, and struggling to stay alive…They were a perfect family, golden and carefree—until a heartbreaking tragedy shattered their happiness. Now, for the sake of an inheritance that will ensure their future, the children must be hidden away out of sight, as if they never existed. Kept on the top floor of their grandmother’s vast mansion, their loving mother assures them it will be just for a little while. But as brutal days swell into agonizing months and years, Cathy, Chris, and twins Cory and Carrie realize their survival is at the mercy of their cruel and superstitious grandmother…and this cramped and helpless world may be the only one they ever know. more

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  • Robert Ludlum's

    Robert Ludlum's

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Paul Garrison
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Grand Central Publishing (2013, Dec 1st).
    Pages:   450

    To atone for the sins he committed serving his country, ex-covert government agent Paul Janson is determined to save the world: one person, one mission, one redemption at a time.THE JANSON OPTIONPaul Janson--a former Consular Ops legend known as "The Machine" for his deadly speed and accuracy--has a new mission. Sickened by the "sanctioned serial killings" ordered by the state department, Janson has left covert operations and is now a private security consultant. In partnership with deadly sharpshooter Jessica Kincaid, he only takes assignments that he believes will lead to the greater good. When American Synergy Corporation oil executive Kingsman Helms begs Janson to rescue his wife, Allegra, from Somali pirates, Janson and Kincaid view it as the perfect opportunity to infiltrate ASC and disrupt the company's scheme to subvert independent oil-rich African countries into wholly-owned ASC subsidiaries. more

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  • Keep Quiet

    Keep Quiet

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Lisa Scottoline
    Publisher:   St. Martin's Press (2014, Apr 8th).

    New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award winning author Lisa Scottoline is loved by millions of readers for her suspenseful novels about family and justice. Scottoline delivers once again with Keep Quiet, an emotionally gripping and complex story about one man’s split-second decision to protect his son - and the devastating consequences that follow.Jake Buckman’s relationship with his sixteen-year-old son Ryan is not an easy one, so at the urging of his loving wife, Pam, Jake goes alone to pick up Ryan at their suburban movie theater.  On the way home, Ryan asks to drive on a deserted road, and Jake sees it as a chance to make a connection. However, what starts as a father-son bonding opportunity instantly turns into a nightmare. more

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  • Bone Deep

    Bone Deep

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Randy Wayne White
    Publisher:   Putnam Adult; Eighteenth Edition edition (2014, Mar 4th).

    The stunning new thriller from the New York Times–bestselling author.   When a Crow Indian acquaintance of Tomlinson’s asks him to help recover a relic stolen from his tribe, Doc Ford is happy to tag along—but neither Doc nor Tomlinson realize what they’ve let themselves in for. Their search takes them to the part of Central Florida known as Bone Valley, famous primarily for two things: a ruthless subculture of black-marketers who trade in illegal artifacts and fossils, and a multibillion-dollar phosphate industry whose strip mines compromise the very ground they walk on. Neither enterprise tolerates nosy outsiders. For each, public exposure equals big financial losses—and in a region built on a million-year accumulation of bones, there is no shortage of spots in which to hide a corpse. more

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  • Destroyer Angel: An Anna Pigeon Novel

    Destroyer Angel: An Anna Pigeon Novel

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Nevada Barr
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Minotaur Books (2014, Apr 1st).
    Pages:   368

    Anna Pigeon, a ranger for the U.S. Park Services, sets off on vacation—an autumn canoe trip in the to the Iron Range in upstate Minnesota. With Anna is her friend Heath, a paraplegic; Heath’s fifteen-year-old daughter, Elizabeth; Leah, a wealthy designer of outdoor equipment; and her daughter, Katie, who is thirteen. For Heath and Leah, this is a shakedown cruise to test a new cutting edge line of camping equipment. The equipment, designed by Leah, will make camping and canoeing more accessible to disabled outdoorsmen. On their second night out, Anna goes off on her own for a solo evening float on the Fox River.  When she comes back, she finds that four thugs, armed with rifles, pistols, and knives, have taken the two women and their teenaged daughters captive. more

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  • Waiting for Wednesday: A Frieda Klein Mystery

    Waiting for Wednesday: A Frieda Klein Mystery

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Nicci French
    Publisher:   Pamela Dorman Books (2014, Apr 3rd).

    The thrilling third novel starring London psychotherapist-turned-detective Frieda Klein—from internationally bestselling author Nicci French Nicci French’s Blue Monday and Tuesday’s Gone introduced the brilliant yet reclusive psychotherapist Frieda Klein to widespread critical acclaim, but Waiting for Wednesday promises to be her most haunting case yet. Ruth Lennox, housewife and mother of three, is found dead in a pool of her own blood. Detective Chief Inspector Karlsson can’t piece together a motive and calls in Frieda, hoping her talents will offer a new angle on the case. When it emerges that the mother was hiding a scandalous secret, her family closes ranks. Frieda herself is distracted, still reeling from an attempt on her life, and struggling with her own rare feelings of vulnerability. more

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  • Carnal Curiosity

    Carnal Curiosity

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Stuart Woods
    Publisher:   Putnam Adult (2014, Apr 8th).

    Stone Barrington is back in the extraordinary new adventure from New York Times–bestselling author Stuart Woods.   Stone Barrington seems to have a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  When Manhattan’s elite are beset by a series of clever crimes—and Stone is a material witness—he and his former partner Dino Bacchetti find themselves drawn into the world of high-end security and fraud, where insider knowledge and access are limited to a privileged few, and the wealthy are made vulnerable by the very systems meant to keep them safe. As Stone and Dino delve deeper into their investigation, they learn that the mastermind behind the incidents may have some intimate ties to Stone . . . and that the biggest heist is still to come. more

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