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  • Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 5

    Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 5

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Joe Caramagna
    Publisher:   Marvel (2014, Feb 4th).

    Thor: Frog of Thunder?! When Peter Parker discovers that Thor has been transformed into a frog, he must travel to Asgard to save the Nine Realms from Loki's wrath! Then, Spider-Man teams up with X-Man Wolverine to take down the mutant Mesmero...but things get freaky when Mesmero uses his powers to switch the two heroes' personaliti es! And that's only the start of Spidey's woes, as Venom, his most dangerous foe, returns! This screen-capture adaptation is based on season one of the hit Disney XD TV show...including an episode scripted by Marvel scribe supreme Brian Michael Bendis! COLLECTING: MARVEL UNIVERSE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN 17-20 more

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