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  • The Other Lands: The Acacia Trilogy, Book Two

    The Other Lands: The Acacia Trilogy, Book Two

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   David Anthony Durham
    Format:   Mass Market Paperback
    Publisher:   Anchor (2010, Aug 31st).
    Pages:   624

    David Anthony Durham's gripping Acacia Trilogy continues with an epic novel where loyalties are tested, new worlds are discovered, and battle lines are being drawn. A few years have passed since Queen Corinn has usurped control of the Known World—and she now rules with an iron fist. With plans to expand her empire, she sends her brother, Dariel, on an exploratory mission across the sea to The Other Lands. There, he discovers an alliance of tribes that have no interest in being ruled by Queen Corinn and the Akarans.  In fact, Dariel's arrival ignites a firestorm that once more exposes The Known World to a massive invasion, one unlike anything they have yet faced… more

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  • Thor, Vol. 1

    Thor, Vol. 1

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   J. Michael Straczynski
    Format:   Paperback
    Publisher:   Marvel (2008, Aug 13th).
    Pages:   160

    Thor is back! And in a story only J. Michael Straczynski could tell! Returned to the pantheon of great Marvel heroes, the Asgardian God of Thunder is reunited with the mortal form of Dr. Don Blake. Together, they must reckon with the legacy of the mythic Norse kingdom and the awakening of its immortal heroes - but in a world that may not want them back! Collecting: Thor #1-6 more

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  • Tiger's Voyage

    Tiger's Voyage

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Colleen Houck
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Splinter (2011, Nov 1st).
    Pages:   560

    The third book in the gripping Tiger's Curse series!With the head-to-head battle against the villainous Lokesh behind her, Kelsey confronts a new heartbreak: in the wake of his traumatic experience, her beloved Ren no longer remembers who she is. As the trio continues their quest by challenging five cunning and duplicitous dragons, Ren and Kishan once more vie for her affections--leaving Kelsey more confused than ever.Fraught with danger, filled with magic, and packed with romance, TIger's Voyage brings Kelsey and her two tiger princes one step closer to breaking the curse. This fast-paced novel includes a sneak peek at Tiger's Destiny (Book 4) and a smartphone Tag code on the back cover that links to the series website.  more

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  • The Wolf Gift

    The Wolf Gift

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Anne Rice
    Format:   Deckle Edge]
    Publisher:   Knopf (2012, Feb 14th).
    Pages:   400

    A daring new departure from the inspired creator of The Vampire Chronicles (“unrelentingly erotic . . . unforgettable”—The Washington Post), Lives of the Mayfair Witches (“Anne Rice will live on through the ages of literature”—San Francisco Chronicle), and the angels of The Songs of the Seraphim (“remarkable”—Associated Press). A whole new world—modern, sleek, high-tech—and at its center, a story as old and compelling as history: the making of a werewolf, reimagined and reinvented as only Anne Rice, teller of mesmerizing tales, conjurer extraordinaire of other realms, could create.   The time is the present.   The place, the rugged coast of Northern California. A bluff high above the Pacific. more

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  • Raising Dragons (Dragons in Our Midst, Book 1)

    Raising Dragons (Dragons in Our Midst, Book 1)

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Bryan Davis
    Format:   Paperback
    Publisher:   Living Ink Books (2004, Jun 25th).
    Pages:   416

    In Raising Dragons, Bryan Davis has infused fantasy into every teenager's normal high school experience. The result is riveting. The adventure mixes believable characters with heart-thumping suspense. Realistic heroes defeating delightfully evil rogues. Good versus evil it doesn't get any better than this. Readers will be furiously reading late into the night. --Donita K. Paul (Award-winning author of Dragonspell) more

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  • Private Games

    Private Games

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   James Patterson
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Little, Brown and Company (2012, Feb 13th).
    Pages:   416

    On your markPrivate, the world's most renowned investigation firm, has been commissioned to provide security for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Its agents are the smartest, fastest, and most technologically advanced in the world, and 400 of them have been transferred to London to protect more than 10,000 competitors who represent more than 200 countries.Get setThe opening ceremony is hours away when Private investigator and single father of twins, Peter Knight, is called to the scene of a ruthless murder. A high-ranking member of the games' organizing committee has been killed. It's clear to Peter that this wasn't a crime of passion, but one of precise calculation and execution.DieNewspaper reporter Karen Pope receives a letter from a person who calls himself Cronus claiming responsibility for the murders. more

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  • Gone West: A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries)

    Gone West: A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries)

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Carola Dunn
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Minotaur Books; First Edition edition (2012, Jan 17th).
    Pages:   304

    A novelist has gone murdered and Daisy Dalrymple investigates— in a series that’s “pleasantly reminiscent of the old-fashioned English mysteries of a bygone era.” —The Denver Post onGunpowder Plot In September 1926, the Honourable Daisy Dalrymple Fletcher visits Sybil Sutherby, a school friend now living in Derbyshire as the confidential secretary to a novelist. Suspecting that something is seriously amiss, Sybil has asked Daisy to discretely investigate. Upon arrival, Daisy finds a household of relatives and would-be suitors living off the hospitality of Humphrey Birtwhistle, who had been supporting them through his thrice-yearly, pseudonymous Westerns. When he took ill, though, Sybiltook over writing them while he recovered, only to see the sales increase. more

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  • Echoes of Betrayal: Paladin's Legacy

    Echoes of Betrayal: Paladin's Legacy

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Elizabeth Moon
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Del Rey (2012, Feb 21st).
    Pages:   480

    The action continues fast and furious in this third installment of Elizabeth Moon’s celebrated return to the fantasy world of the paladin Paksenarrion Dorthansdotter. This award-winning author has firsthand military experience and an imagination that knows no bounds. Combine those qualities with an ability to craft flesh-and-blood characters, and the result is the kind of speculative fiction that engages both heart and mind.All is not well in the Eight Kingdoms. In Lyonya, King Kieri is about to celebrate marriage to his beloved, the half-elf Arian. But uncanny whispers from the spirits of his ancestors continue to warn of treachery and murder. A finger of suspicion has been pointed toward his grandmother, the queen of the Ladysforest elves, and that suspicion has only intensified with time and the Lady’s inexplicable behavior. more

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  • Fever (Chemical Garden)

    Fever (Chemical Garden)

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Lauren DeStefano
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing (2012, Feb 21st).
    Pages:   352

    The second book in The Chemical Garden Trilogy reveals a world as captivating—and as dangerous—as the one Rhine left behind in Wither.Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the mansion, but they’re still in danger. Outside, they find a world even more disquieting than the one they left behind.     Determined to get to Manhattan and find Rhine’s twin brother, Rowan, the two press forward, amid threats of being captured again…or worse.     The road they are on is long and perilous—and in a world where young women only live to age twenty and men die at age twenty-five, time is precious. In this sequel to Lauren DeStefano’s harrowing Wither, Rhine must decide if freedom is worth the price—now that she has more to lose than ever. more

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  • The Sacred Band: The Acacia Trilogy, Book Three

    The Sacred Band: The Acacia Trilogy, Book Three

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   David Anthony Durham
    Format:   Mass Market Paperback
    Publisher:   Anchor; Reprint edition (2012, Jan 31st).
    Pages:   752

    “David Anthony Durham has serious chops. I can’t wait to read whatever he writes next."—George R. R. MartinDavid Anthony Durham’s acclaimed fantasy saga, the Acacia Trilogy, continues . . .  As The Sacred Band begins, Queen Corinn bestrides the world as a result of her mastery of spells from the Book of Elenet. Her younger brother, Dariel, has been sent on a perilous mis­sion to the Other Lands. And her sister, Mena, travels to the far north to face an invasion of the feared race of the Auldek. As their separate trajectories converge, a series of world-shaping, earth-shattering battles will force the surviving children of the Akaran dynasty to confront their fates head on—and right some ancient wrongs once and for all. more

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