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  • City of Ice

    City of Ice

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Laurence Yep
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Starscape; First Edition edition (2011, Jun 7th).
    Pages:   384

    Two-time Newbery Honor Award-winning author Laurence Yep returns with the action-packed sequel to the critically-acclaimed City of FireFrom the islands of Hawaii, Scirye and her loyal companions pursue the villainous Mr. Roland and evil dragon Badik all the way to the city of Nova Hafnia in the Arctic Circle. With the help of a trader, Prince Tarkhun, and his daughter Roxanna, the companions chase their enemies into the vast and desolate Wastes. Scirye and her friends are determined to stop Mr. Roland from getting his hands on the second of the Five Lost Treasures of Emperor Yü, which will give him the power to alter the very fabric of the universe. But few who enter the Wastes ever return, and Scirye has no choice but to call on the spirit of the North for help. more

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  • The Survivors

    The Survivors

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Will Weaver
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   HarperTeen (2012, Jan 31st).
    Pages:   240

    Two years ago, the ash started falling like gray snow. The volcanoes had erupted. . . .For Miles and his sister, Sarah, the real disaster started in the violent aftermath—when they were forced to leave their cushy suburban home and flee to the north woods for safety. Miles got them to a cabin, but now winter is setting in. All they have to get them through is the milk from Sarah’s prized possession—her goat—and Miles’s memory of wilderness survival skills.When Sarah tries to regain some normalcy by attending the local school, she realizes she is no longer quite the person she used to be. Now she is Goat Girl, a Traveler, and it’s hard to pretend she isn’t. And when a horrific twist of fate robs Miles of his memory, he discovers the heart of his true identity. more

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  • Lovetorn


    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Kavita Daswani
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   HarperTeen (2012, Jan 17th).
    Pages:   304

    Can you find love when you think you already have it? Shalini is new to L.A. Not new like from New York City new—or even Kansas new. New like from India new. And in the U.S., she has it all wrong: the way she dresses, the way she talks, the way she wears her hair. And then there is the ring, which makes her way different from everyone else—because Shalini has been engaged since she was three to Vikram, back in India. Shalini’s life has been turned upside down. She doesn’t fit in, her mom is depressed, and email is no substitute for being with Vikram. But when she meets Toby at school, Shalini’s heart gets turned upside down, too. Just looking at Toby makes her stomach flutter. She thinks she loves Vikram, but he never made her feel like this. more

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  • Emily the Strange: Piece of Mind

    Emily the Strange: Piece of Mind

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Jessica Gruner
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   HarperCollins (2011, Dec 27th).
    Pages:   280

    Emily’s Strange To-Do List:1. Lose (and regain) mind2. Reprogram golem3. Locate secret book vault4. Commune with Dead Dark Aunts5. Rescue Cousin Jakey6. Redecorate souvenir kiosk7. Thwart Thought Thief8. Endure hero worship9. Grant ancestral enemy’s deepest wish10. Save cat-napped kitty11. Summon black rock12. Defeat Shady Uncles13. Guard family legacy & claim inheritance! more

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  • The Rivals

    The Rivals

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Daisy Whitney
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (2012, Feb 6th).
    Pages:   352

    When Alex Patrick was assaulted by another student last year, her elite boarding school wouldn't do anything about it. This year Alex is head of the Mockingbirds, a secret society of students who police and protect the student body. While she desperately wants to live up to the legacy that's been given to her, she's now dealing with a case unlike any the Mockingbirds have seen before.It isn't rape. It isn't bullying. It isn't hate speech. A far-reaching prescription drug ring has sprung up, and students are using the drugs to cheat. But how do you try a case with no obvious victim? Especially when the facts don't add up, and each new clue drives a wedge between Alex and the people she loves most: her friends, her boyfriend, and her fellow Mockingbirds. more

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  • Wings of the Wicked (Angelfire)

    Wings of the Wicked (Angelfire)

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Courtney Allison Moulton
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Katherine Tegen Books (2012, Feb 14th).
    Pages:   384

    Life as the Preliator is harder than Ellie ever imagined.Balancing real life with the responsibility of being Heaven's warrior is a challenge for Ellie. Her relationship with Will has become all business, though they both long for each other. And now that the secret of who she really is has come out, so have Hell's strongest reapers. Grown bold and more vicious, the demonic threaten her in the light of day and stalk her in the night.She's been warned.Cadan, a demonic reaper, comes to her with information about Bastian's new plan to destroy Ellie's soul and use an ancient relic to wake all the souls of the damned and unleash them upon humanity. As she fights to stay ahead of Bastian's schemes, the revelations about those closest to her awaken a dark power within Ellie that threatens to destroy everything—including herself. more

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  • Pearl


    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Jo Knowles
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Henry Holt and Co. (2000, Jan 1st).
    Pages:   224

    Bean (née Pearl) and Henry, misfits and best friends, have the strangest mothers in town. Henry’s mom Sally never leaves the house. Bean’s mom Lexie, if she is home, is likely nursing a hangover or venting to her friend Claire about Bean’s beloved grandfather Gus, the third member of their sunny household.Gus’s death unleashes a host of family secrets that brings them all together. And they threaten to change everything—including Bean’s relationship with Henry, her first friend, and who also might turn out to be her first love. more

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  • Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am

    Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Harry Mazer
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers (2012, Feb 7th).
    Pages:   160

    A soldier returns home from Iraq forever changed in this poignant and pivotal novel from award-winning authors–one a veteran.Ben lives a charmed life—effortlessly landing the lead in the high school musical, dating the prettiest girl in school. When he decides to enlist in the army, no one thinks he’ll be in real danger. But his decision has devastating consequences: His convoy gets caught in an explosion, and Ben ends up in a coma for two months. When he wakes up, he doesn’t know where he is—or remember anything about his old life. His family and friends mourn what they see as a loss, but Ben perseveres. And as he triumphs, readers will relate to this timely novel that pairs the action and adventure of the best war stories with the emotional elements of struggle and transformation. more

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  • Also Known as Rowan Pohi

    Also Known as Rowan Pohi

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Ralph Fletcher
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Clarion Books (2011, Nov 15th).
    Pages:   208

    Will the real Rowan Pohi please stand? To dispel boredom while waiting for tenth grade to begin, Bobby and his friends create an imaginary kid named Rowan Pohi (that’s IHOP backwards) and apply to the prestigious Whitestone Prep in Rowan’s name. When, surprisingly, Rowan’s application is accepted, Bobby impulsively reinvents himself as Rowan and embarks on an edgy life of deception in the rarefied world of Whitestone. Told with Ralph Fletcher’s trademark blend of humor and depth, the story of Rowan’s rise and fall is a funny, poignant, and suspenseful riff on the adolescent search for identity.   more

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  • Away (The Line, Book 2)

    Away (The Line, Book 2)

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Teri Hall
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Dial (2011, Sep 15th).
    Pages:   240

    This title has been removed from sale by Penguin Group, USA. --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition. more

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