Fri, April 18, 2014

Deadtime Stories: Grave Secrets

Some secrets refuse to stay buried….Amanda Peterson has a pet cemetery in her backyard. It’s where she’s buried all her family’s dear departed pets, like Ralphie the hamster, Herman the goldfish, and Snitch the canary. But when Amanda and her friends set out to bury a dead squirrel, they accidentally dig up a grave that’s already occupied—and not by a pet. The scary old lady who lives next door has lots of buried secrets. And she’ll do anything to keep them that way….Deadtime Stories by “Twisted Sisters” Annette Cascone and Gina Cascone—they’ll scare you silly and give you more than goose bumps.Hill & Brand Entertainment has inked a deal with Cookie Jar Entertainment to distribute (worldwide) the first season of 26 half-hour, live action episodes based on the Deadtime Stories books....
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ISBN: 0765330652
Publisher: Starscape; First Edition edition
Manufacturer: Starscape; First Edition edition
Language: English
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 192
US Salesrank: 634202
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