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Pancakes: 72 Sweet and Savory Recipes...

Simple, delicious, sweet and savory pancakes for any time of day.Who doesn't love a pancake? Celebrated in all cultures and made with variety of ingredients, they are the ultimate comfort food. When food-blogger-turned-cookbook author Adrianna Adarme first moved to L.A., she yearned for breakfasts that tasted like home, and so her pancake quest began. After mastering how to make the perfect fluffy buttermilk pancake recipe she was moved to experiment with different flavor combinations and unexpected toppings. The results are an outstanding collection of sophisticated and unusual pairings like ginger pear, chai tea, and chocolate pistachio pancakes, and on the savory side: cheddar bacon pancakes, smoked gouda potato pancakes, duck-fat pancakes, and kimchi fritters....
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