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The Painted Girls: A Novel

[Library Edition Audiobook CD in vinyl case.] Paris, 1878. Following the death of their father from overwork, the three Van Goethem sisters find their lives upended. Without their father's wages, and with what little their mother earns as a laundress disappearing down the absinthe bottle, eviction from their single boarding room seems imminent. With few options for work available for a girl, bookish fourteen-year-old Marie and her younger sister Charlotte are dispatched to the Paris Opera, where for a scant seven francs a week, the girls will be trained to enter its famous ballet. Their older sister, stubborn and insolent seventeen-year-old Antoinette, dismissed from the ballet, finds herself launched into the orbit of Emile Zola and the influence of his notorious naturalist masterpiece L'Assommoir -- and into the arms of a young man who may turn out to be a murderer....
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ISBN: 1470847558
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.; Unabridged LIBRARY edition
Manufacturer: Blackstone Audio, Inc.; Unabridged LIBRARY edition
Language: English
Format: Audio CD
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