Sun, April 20, 2014

Next Stop--Zanzibar Road!

Readers first met the elephant Mama Jumbo in Niki Daly's Welcome to Zanzibar Road. Here she is sporting her flippy-floppy, flappy-slippy, this-way-that-way pompom hat in five easy-to-read adventures including a bubble gum rescue and a brand-new tutti-frutti shirt for Mama Jumbo's adopted child, Little Chico the chicken. Full-color ink-and-watercolor illustrations bubble over with tiny details of the vivacious African village and Mama Jumbo's comfortable home under the pawpaw tree. A charming picture book/chapter book hybrid that's terrific for reading aloud. ...
Categories: Outdoors & Nature Travel

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ISBN: 0547688520
Publisher: Clarion Books
Manufacturer: Clarion Books
Language: English
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 40
US Salesrank: 1570096
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