Wed, April 16, 2014

A More Perfect Union

The opening track of A More Perfect Union called God s Counting on Me ... God s Counting on You [with guest Bruce Springsteen] is just the latest in an unmatchable career of socially conscious songs that Seeger delivers with unparalleled conviction. --- Scott Bauer, Associated PressSeeger and Wyatt reveal an easy rapport and still vibrant creativity. Musically, it s a richly varied set . . . Uplifting . . . --Nick Cristiano, Philadelphia InquirerThe tone of the album is established on the first song, God s Counting On Me...God s Counting On You, a new anthem for these times about communal responsibility for fixing what s wrong with our contemporary world. . . . It s an inspiring song destined to join the long list of Pete s essential classics.
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ISBN: 0611587113023
Publisher: Appleseed Records
Manufacturer: Appleseed Records
Language: English
Format: Audio CD
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