Sat, April 12, 2014

One Heart to Win

Johanna Lindsey, the #1 New York Times bestselling author, presents a passionate novel of hidden identities, family secrets, and love that transcends a fifty-year feud set in the 1880s in the majestic ranchland of the Montana territory. Some young ladies marry for money and social standing, a few lucky ones marry for lovebut Tiffany Warren is marrying to end a feud. Honoring her mothers promise, Tiffany reluctantly travels west to meet her estranged father and his enemys eldest son, rancher Hunter Callahan. Once the Warrens and the Callahans are united by marriage, both clans will stop squabbling over a disputed strip of land. In the chaos of a train robbery Tiffany seizes a golden opportunity. By assuming the identity of her fathers new housekeeper she can live with the father she never knew and assess his true character, as well as that of the neighboring cowboy to whom she is betrothed....
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