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  • Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

    Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   James Dean
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   HarperCollins (2012, Sep 25th).
    Pages:   40

    'Twas the day before Christmas and Santa was ill.In the cold winter wind he had caught a bad chill.Will Christmas be canceled? Will it come to that?"Never!" cried Santa. "Let's call Pete the Cat!"In this rockin' new spin on the traditional tale The Night Before Christmas, Pete the Cat proves that giving your all in the spirit of Christmas is the totally groovy thing to do. more

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  • My Brilliant Friend

    My Brilliant Friend

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Elena Ferrante
    Format:   Paperback
    Publisher:   Europa Editions (2012, Sep 25th).
    Pages:   336

    A modern masterpiece from one of Italy’s most acclaimed authors, My Brilliant Friend is a rich, intense, and generous-hearted story about two friends, Elena and Lila. Ferrante’s inimitable style lends itself perfectly to a meticulous portrait of these two women that is also the story of a nation and a touching meditation on the nature of friendship. The story begins in the 1950s, in a poor but vibrant neighborhood on the outskirts of Naples. Growing up on these tough streets the two girls learn to rely on each other ahead of anyone or anything else. As they grow, as their paths repeatedly diverge and converge, Elena and Lila remain best friends whose respective destinies are reflected and refracted in the other. They are likewise the embodiments of a nation undergoing momentous change. more

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  • The Red Pyramid: The Graphic Novel, Book 1

    The Red Pyramid: The Graphic Novel, Book 1

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Rick Riordan
    Format:   Paperback
    Publisher:   Hyperion Book CH (2012, Oct 2nd).
    Pages:   192

    Siblings Sadie and Carter Kane discover that the gods of Egypt are waking, and the worst of them--Set--has his sights on them. to Stop him, the duo embarks on a dangerous journey across the globe, one that brings Carter and Sadie ever closer to the truth about their family and its connection to a secret order that has existed since the time of the pharaohs.The heart-stopping action and magic explode off the page in The Red Pyramid, The Graphic Novel, based on the worldwise best-selling novel by Rick Riordan. more

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  • Finding the Dream: The Dream Trilogy #3

    Finding the Dream: The Dream Trilogy #3

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Nora Roberts
    Format:   Paperback
    Publisher:   Berkley Trade (2012, Oct 2nd).
    Pages:   368

    Laura Templeton found out the hard way that nothing in life is guaranteed. The daughter of a wealthy hotelier, she had always known comfort, privilege, and security. But by the age of thirty, her storybook marriage had been destroyed by her husband's infidelity. Laura's divorce left her both emotionally and financially devastated--but determined to rebuild her life without the Templeton fortune.Laura had always defined herself as a wife, a daughter, or a mother. Now, she must finally discover Laura the woman... more

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  • Batman Classic: Reptile Rampage

    Batman Classic: Reptile Rampage

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Katharine Turner
    Format:   Paperback
    Publisher:   HarperCollins (2012, Apr 17th).
    Pages:   32

    A Gotham City hospital is being terrorized by Killer Croc, and it's up to Batman to save the day! Can the Caped Crusader clean the city sewers of this rotten reptile? more

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  • A Place Beyond Courage

    A Place Beyond Courage

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Elizabeth Chadwick
    Format:   Paperback
    Publisher:   Sourcebooks Landmark (2012, Sep 1st).
    Pages:   512

    Sometimes Keeping Your Honor Means Breaking Your Word The early twelfth century is a time for ambitious men to prosper. John FitzGilbert is a man of honor and loyalty, sworn to royal service. When the old king dies, his successor rewards the handsome and ambitious John with castles and lands. But King Stephen has a tenuous hold on both his reign and his barons, and when jealous rivals at court seek to destroy John, he backs a woman's claim to the crown, sacrifices his marriage, and eventually is forced to make a gamble that is perhaps one step too far. Rich with detail, masterful in its storytelling, A Place Beyond Courage is a tale of impossible gambles and the real meaning of honor. "Picking up an Elizabeth Chadwick novel is like having a Bentley draw up at your door: you know you are in for a sumptouous ride. more

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  • The Iron Legends: Winter's Passage\\Summer's Crossing\\Iron's Prophecy

    The Iron Legends: Winter's Passage\\Summer's Crossing\\Iron's Prophecy

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Julie Kagawa
    Format:   Paperback
    Publisher:   Harlequin Teen; Original edition (2012, Aug 28th).
    Pages:   304

    Enter the world of the internationally bestselling Iron Fey series. Dangerous faeries. Heartbreaking romance. Thrilling action and limitless adventure. The world of the fey has never been so powerful. This collection includes three novellas set in the world of the Iron Fey plus the Guide to the Iron Fey with exclusive information about Julie Kagawa's unforgettable world of Faery.Winter's PassageNever make a promise to a faery. They always come to collect. Now Meghan Chase must fulfill her promise to Prince Ash of the Winter Court and embark upon a dangerous journey into the heart of enemy territory—while being pursued by a relentless new foe and guarding her own foolish heart.Summer's CrossingWhat can turn enemies into reluctant allies? A call from the Exile Queen, Leanansidhe, ties legendary prankster Puck to his archenemy, Prince Ash, on a journey that may end in betrayal and will set them both on an irreversible path. more

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  • Gunmetal Magic

    Gunmetal Magic

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Ilona Andrews
    Format:   Mass Market Paperback
    Publisher:   Ace (2012, Jul 31st).
    Pages:   448

    Includes a free bonus: a Kate Daniels novella, "Magic Gifts" The New York Times bestselling Kate Daniels novels have been hailed as “top-notch urban fantasy” (Monsters and Critics). Now, Ilona Andrews delves deeper into Kate’s world, and reveals its untold stories… After being kicked out of the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid, Andrea’s whole existence is in shambles. She tries to put herself back together by working for Cutting Edge, a small investigative firm owned by her best friend. When several shapeshifters working for Raphael Medrano—the male alpha of the Clan Bouda, and Andrea’s former lover—die unexpectedly at a dig site, Andrea is assigned to investigate. Now she must work with Raphael as her search for the killer leads into the secret underbelly of supernatural Atlanta. more

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  • Midst Toil and Tribulation (Safehold)

    Midst Toil and Tribulation (Safehold)

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   David Weber
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Tor Books; First Edition edition (2012, Sep 18th).
    Pages:   608

    David Weber's New York Times bestselling Safehold series of military Science Fiction adventure, which began with Off Armageddon Reef, continues with Midst Toil and TribulationWAR AND FAMINEOnce the Church of God Awaiting dominated all the kingdoms of Safehold. Then, after centuries of stasis, the island kingdom of Charis began to defy the edicts of Mother Church-egged on, some say, by the mysterious warrior-monk Merlin Athrawes, who enjoys the Charisian royal family's absolute trust.What vanishingly few people know is that Merlin is the cybernetic avatar of a young woman a thousand years dead, felled in the war in which aliens destroyed Earth...and that since awakening, his task has been to restart the history of the long-hidden human race. more

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  • Tales of a Rascal What I Did for Love

    Tales of a Rascal What I Did for Love

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   RB
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Black Rainbow Publications (2011, Jan 1st).

    78 years of what I did for love. The wisdom that came through the awful grace of God. The black rainbow that led me on and assured me that there must be a pony. The eyes that saw so little and the ears that, when I was quiet, I could hear the heartbeat of the universe. The indomitable spirit that God graced me with that forced me to live the worst nine months of my life in my mother's womb and the worst 12 months of my life in a cement box that the crooked cops, DA's and judges wanted to be my coffin. Through the acquittal of the murder charges when the world saw me on cloud nine. It turned into a mushroom cloud. Someday I'll tell you about it. If you choose to join me on the journey of this book, I swear before God it is not a performance, but the blood and guts, rainbow and glory, warts and all, of a gifted life beyond imagination. more

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