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  • Mystery Writers of America Presents The Mystery Box

    Mystery Writers of America Presents The Mystery Box

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Brad Meltzer
    Format:   Hardcover
    Publisher:   Grand Central Publishing (2013, Apr 30th).
    Pages:   384

    There's nothing more mysterious than a locked box. Whether it's a literal strongbox, an empty coffin, the inner workings of a scientist's mind, or an underground prison cell, there are those who will use any means necessary to unlock the secrets of...THE MYSTERY BOX.With this anthology, bestselling author Brad Meltzer introduces twenty-one original stories from today's most prominent mystery writers. In Laura Lippman's "Waco 1982," a young reporter stuck with a seemingly mundane assignment on lost-and-found boxes unwittingly discovers a dark crime. In Joseph Finder's "Heirloom," a scheming neighbor frightens the new couple on the block with an unnerving tale of buried treasure. In R.L. Stine's "High Stakes," a man on his honeymoon gets drawn into a bizarre bet involving a coffin--a bet he may pay for with his life. more

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  • Strand of Deception (Justice Seekers)

    Strand of Deception (Justice Seekers)

    Author/Actors/Director/etc.:   Robin Caroll
    Format:   Large Print]
    Publisher:   Center Point Pub; Lrg edition (2013, Apr 1st).
    Pages:   500


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